We offer a wide range of GUINOT Facials

Hydraderm Lift   €42

Non - Surgical face lift that combines  lymphfatic drainage and muscle stimulation.


Hydraderm Youth  €42

"Star Facial Treatment"  - this exclusive Guinot treatment can be personalised for any skin type. It helps to relax your facial features and makes your skin appear more fresh and brighter.


Hydrapeel  €42

Peeling with Phytic Acid. This treatment minimises the appearance of brown spots, increases radiance and smooths out texture of the skin.


Aromatic  €37

Facial treatment based on the use of essential oils, specifically adapted to suit your skin type. Followed by relaxing mask with Aloe Vera and Fig extracts.


Liftosome  €42

Rejuvenating - Lifting treatment with Pro Collagen concentrate and Thermolift Mask.


Eye Logic  €35

Eye Contour treatment that focuses on reducing puffiness, dark circles and fine lines around the eye area.


Steam Facial   €34

Deep cleansing facial with extraction.


Express Facial  €24

A quick facial for people "on the go ".